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The IT Guys (WA) are experts in Network, Internet and Wi-Fi design, installation and WiFi testing and troubleshooting.

Wifi Testing

In addition to our FREE articles and advice in our Blog on Internet, Wi-Fi and Networking, including our Self Test Internet Performance Guide we also offer a paid consultancy and services across the Metro area.

We can help with the following:


Having Problems with your ISP?


If you have been experiencing ongoing problems with your ISP (Intenet Service Provider) such as , , iiNet, Westnet, , TPG, Dodo etc and you think you are being given the run-around, with your permission, we can speak to them on your behalf. We can test their assumptions and suggestions and relay that information back to you in plain-english. If we believe they are supplying false information we will challenge them on your behalf and find a solution which may involve changing ISPs.

Internet Service Provider Perth

Having Problems with your internet speed and reliability?

internet testing

If you are experiencing slow internet speed and reliability, let the IT Guys trouble-shoot the problem. We can make preliminary investigations and tests simply by knowing your physical address and by remotely logging into your computer. If those tests prove inconclusive we may need to visit your home to test your equipment. Upon conclusion of the testing we will make a written report including our recommendations and approximate costings.

Having Problems getting Internet and Wi-Fi throughout your home or office? Need WiFi Testing Service?

Wifi Testing

In the past the majority of homes had one PC/Computer connected by an Ethernet cable to a modem which was connected to a telephone point.

Today, this is the exception rather than the rule.

With the explosion of personal Wi-Fi enabled devices (iPad, , laptops); smart- (iPhone, Android, Windows); Smart/Internet enabled TVs; streaming services (Netflix, Foxtel); Wireless Speakers (Sonos, ) and Internet Connected Security Systems; Fast Internet Access is now a necessity in every room and corner of the house and even outside.

Smart-Wiring Internet packages offered by many builders and home-automation companies are purely hard-wired solutions, that will provide top-speed internet as long as your TV, Media Player, Computer or device are physically connected to an Ethernet Outlet by an Ethernet Cable (see below)

wifi router in Garage

The above solution only allows for the modem/router to produce the Wi-Fi signal in one location (usually the garage or a cupboard, if located in the “hub” or “comms-box” or in a single room)

As more home-automation devices become available, Wireless Smart-Wired-Home systems (aka Wi-Fi Internet Access Enabled Homes) as opposed to simple hard-wired smart-home-solutions are becoming de rigueur.

Having Problems getting Internet and Wi-Fi throughout your home or office? We offer 4 solutions:

Wi-fi Problems?


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Having Problems with your Sonos Speaker system?
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On Site Internet and Wi-Fi Testing and Consultancy Services

We offer on-site call-out service with a call out fees from :30mos: (see full suburb list here) which includes travel time and 15 minutes onsite work. The call-out-fee is required to be paid in advanced and if our technician takes more than 15 minutes onsite, you will be required to pay for the extra time taken plus the cost of any materials.

For the above fee we visit your home or office and carry out the tests as described above. This maybe necessary if we cannot determine the problems remotely or if the Internet speed is poor or non-existent.

If you would like to know more or to book a call or site visit, call us or