Internet Service Provider Perth

PENTANET is our preferred Internet Service Provider¬† and is WA based and owned The IT Guys (WA) are proudly Western Australian owned and operated and we believe in promoting and supporting other WA companies. Pentanet offer NBN and Fixed-Wireless Internet Services at comparable rates to Telstra, Optus, iiNet but with the support of a local call-centre and operations based in Balcatta, Western Australia. Although NBN should generally provide the fastest Internet Speeds, in areas that are not yet NBN ready or have issues with old Telstra copper lines, these issues can be circumvented by adopting Fixed Wireless Internet If you are looking for an Internet-Only service (no telephone calls) and do not require a land-line telephone, Pentanet NBN or Pentanet Fixed Wireless may be for you. To see what services are available at your address send us an email to with your residential or business address and we will investigate for you Perth’s fastest internet/Wi-Fi service partnership :jk: ¬† ¬†