Besides Australian NBN and Mobile Broadband services, Fibre and Fixed Wireless Internet Services are also available from Independent companies.

Many and wireless networks such as those owned by Telstra and Optus, were purchased by to form part of the NBN Network some years back. However, many independent communications networks still remain offering fibre and fixed wireless internet to commercial and residential customers.

Fibre Networks

Commercial Fibre Networks in Australia have existed for many years, especially in the CBD areas of state and federal capitals. These private fibre networks also extend down major highways and into commercial and industrial areas in competition with existing Telstra and NBN.

Dedicated High-Speed Fibre networks to commercial customers are offered by companies such as Vocus and with speeds of 100/100, 500/500 or 1000/1000 available.

However, there are also many “resellers” of Telstra, Vocus or TPG networks, so when speaking to a potential , be sure to ask them if the network is their own or if they are reselling or onselling on behalf of one of the above.

Fixed Wireless Internet Networks

fixed point wireless internet

requires an aerial, antenna or dish on your roof to point to another dish or tower some distance away. It is only available if there is a line-of-sight connection.

In , Bunbury and Geraldton in two companies Pentanet and Node1 offer independent fixed-wireless internet services as described in the following video.

If you are looking for an Internet-Only service (no telephone calls) and do not require a land-line telephone Fixed Wireless may be for you.

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This should NOT be confused with NBN-Fixed-Wireless.

Check the websites of Fixed-Wireless-ISPs such as these to find out if there is coverage in your area and the cost of equipment required to access the service.

Summit Internet provide Fixed Wireless Internet Services in Victoria and Countrytell do the same in NSW, Kern WIFI and Superloop in South Australia, RocketNetworks service Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Fixed-Wireless Internet uses a modem connected to the roof aerial, antenna or dish. Your current modem maybe sufficient or your Fixed-Wireless ISP may provide one.

If you your modem to other computers and devices using hard-wired cables, those devices should receive the same -speed as at the modem with little drop-off.

However, when using to to the Internet via the modem, a drastic drop off occurs depending on the quality of the ISP modem, your distance from the modem, the amount of devices accessing the modem and walls and floors between you and the modem.

Generally the modems supplied by ISPs are very poor Wi-Fi devices and you should consider the following if you wish to receive high-speed Internet throughout your house and on multiple devices at the same time.

Wi-fi Problems?

Other Internet Solutions

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