Wireless (Wi-Fi) Smart-Wired-Home solutions for extra large sized homes with multiple floors

No matter how the is delivered to your home or office (NBN, , ADSL, 4G) there still exists the problem of providing the Internet signal throughout the building to be used by phones, tablets, , smart-tvs, fetch boxes, etc.

The Internet signal comes into your home or office via a telephone , optical fibre or HFC cable, terminated on an internal wall. A router/modem is attached to that socket (or the NBN box) and this provides internet services either via a cable or wire to your computer or by a Wireless Wi-Fi signal that is produced by the modem.

modem in lounge

The most likely location of the Modem/Router is where the telephone socket or NBN box is located. This can be in any section of the house but usually found in the lounge, study or garage.

With most modems only having a Wi-Fi range of a few meters, and not penetrating solid walls easily, this often means that non-adjoining rooms may not receive a strong enough signal to allow Wi-Fi to be used in those locations.

To transmit strong Wi-Fi signal into poor reception areas of the house or office, we recommending installing one or more Ubiquiti Wireless Access Points (WAPs) that are hard-wired (ethernet cabling) back to the modem or switch located in a data/comms cabinet (which can often be in the garage or a cupboard in an existing smart-wired house).

Communications/Network Cabinet

Usually located in a garage, cupboard or robe, architects/ will often specify a Harmony Box or (see below) as the central data/comms cabinet (also referred to as a “hub”. Although space saving, they do not have enough room to allow for a modem modem let alone a POE switch.

The IT Guys recommend installing a standard 6RU or , especially for larger homes.

Typical data/comms cabinets can be wall mounted or free standing and cost between $100 to $300 + installation.

Proposed solution for extra large sized houses

#1 Solution – WAP Solution

For the IT Guys to deploy a quadruple WAP solution for a large sized house with existing smart wiring within 10k of Subiaco, the estimated cost starts around $2,000

If ethernet cabling is required, an electrician will need to be employed and depending on the building construction could cost anywhere between $300 and $2,000.

#2 Solution – Mesh Network Solution

If hard-wiring is not possible (such as no conduits through he concrete floor slab) a Ubiquiti AmpliFi High Density Mesh Routers and Mesh Points Solution can be deployed. Using an Amplify Router at the bottom of the ground floor stairwell and another at the top of the stairwell, Wi-Fi signal can be passed to the upper floor and provide Wi-Fi coverage above the slab. Each Ubiquiti AmpliFi High Density Mesh Routers and Mesh Points costs from approx $300 plus installation.

This is NOT the preferred solution. By combining a number of units in a “Mesh” network, signal strength and Internet speed could drop by as much as 50% compared to using #1 Solution above – Hard Wired WAP Solution

multi storey amplifi solution


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Wireless Smart-Wired-Home solutions for extra large sized homes with multiple floors

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