Wireless (Wi-Fi) Smart-Wired-Home solutions for small houses, units or apartment from around $300

No matter how the is delivered to your home or office (NBN, HFC, , 4G) there still exists the problem of providing the Internet signal throughout the building to be used by , tablets, laptops, smart-tvs, , TV etc.

The Internet signal comes into your home or office via a , optical fibre or HFC cable, terminated on an internal wall. A router/modem is attached to that socket (or the NBN box) and this provides internet services either via a cable or wire to your computer or by a Wireless Wi-Fi signal that is produced by the modem.

modem in lounge

The most likely location of the Modem/Router is where the telephone socket or NBN box is located. This can be in any section of the house but usually found in the lounge, study or garage.

With most modems only having a Wi-Fi range of a few meters, and not penetrating solid walls easily, this often means that non-adjoining rooms may not receive a strong enough signal to allow Wi-Fi to be used in those locations.

To transmit strong Wi-Fi signal into poor reception areas of the house or office, we recommending installing one or more Wireless Points (WAPs) that are hard-wired (ethernet cabling) back to the modem or switch located in a data/comms cabinet (which can often be in the garage or a cupboard in an existing smart-wired house).

If no adequate existing ethernet wiring exists, then an electrician is required to install the ethernet cabling. The Ubiquiti WAPs are ideally located on the ceiling, with ethernet cabling being run back to the modem, switch or central hub.

Proposed solutions for small unit or apartment

#1 Solution – Boost Wi-Fi signal with a Standalone AmpliFi HD Mesh Router (AFI-R)

In an open-plan style home or offices with few dividing walls, installing a single standalone AmpliFi HD Mesh Router (AFI-R) to the modem maybe sufficient to give the required coverage.

Amplifi Solution

These are generally 3 to 4 times more powerful than ISP supplied modems and depending on wall thicknesses and size of apartment one or two Amplifi Units could be used instead. Extend the Wi-Fi network to all corners of your house or office by Utilising Ubiquiti AmpliFi High Density Mesh Routers and Mesh Points

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#2 Solution – Install one or more Wireless Access Points

If ethernet cabling is required, an electrician will need to be employed and depending on the building construction could cost anywhere between $150 and $600.


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Wireless Smart-Wired-Home solutions for small houses, units or apartment

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