Remember the old drink-driving advert that said “If you drink and drive your a bloody idiot”? Well the same can be said for people and their data.

We get many people coming through our doors with sad stories about breaking their phone and losing recent holiday pics or having 10 years of baby-photos on an old computer that has just died. We’ve seen the tears and disappointment in their faces and in about 50% of all cases have not been able to recover their data.

The sad thing is, these incidents are all totally avoidable if only they spent a few minutes THEIR DATA. Ideally in two places (locally and in the cloud).

We’ve covered this topic many many times in our posts, so here are a few links to past posts and articles.

Unlimited cloud backup for $20 per month

We always suggest both “locally” and to “the cloud”, the following article explains the options and the pricing.

Backup Services


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