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Web Site Terms and Conditions 1. Info Tech Guys Pty Ltd Trading As The IT Guys (WA) (“THE IT GUYS”) provides this service in good faith, and shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever (including but not limited to damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of data or data corruption) attained by individual(s), business(es) or other entities arising from the use of this web site (“Site”). Individuals, businesses and entities using this Site do so at their own risk. Use of this Site refers to information obtained by the user from the Site, advice given to the user electronically, any financial transaction occurring electronically between the user and THE IT GUYS (and its employees), over the internet (or arising from the internet), or any other course of action executed. 2. All material on this Site is the property of THE IT GUYS. Text, images, design, programming code and any other content available on the Site remain the property of THE IT GUYS and is copyright. 3. Technical specifications and price may change at any time without warning. THE IT GUYS need not give notice or warning of price or specification changes. Actual specifications may vary slightly depending on features, components and availability. 4. All orders are subject to our General Conditions of Trade. For all purchases we reserve the right to make adjustments to information or pricing due to typographical errors, market factors or manufacturer price changes, which may occur at any time without notice. 5. Links to third party material are provided solely as a convenience to you. THE IT GUYS does not control and is not responsible for their content, and thus does not endorse any information, software or other materials found there. If you decide to access any third-party material you do so at your own risk. General Terms and Conditions It is agreed between Info tech Guys Pty Ltd Trading As The IT Guys (WA) (“THE IT GUYS”) and the Customer that THE IT GUYS will: I. perform the work (“the Work”) described in the Order and/or II. supply the equipment (“the Equipment”) described in the Order, On the following conditions:- 1. THE IT GUYS will rectify at its own expense and at a place nominated by THE IT GUYS any defective work reported to it within thirty (30) days from the date of completion of the Work provided that the Work has not been misused, corrupted or modified in any way on inspection by THE IT GUYS. Warranties 2.1 THE IT GUYS warrants that at the date of supply of the Equipment to the Customer, to the best of its knowledge and belief, the Equipment is free from defects in materials and workmanship. 2.2 In accordance with the warranty specified in clause 2.1, THE IT GUYS shall repair or replace, at its own expense and at a place nominated by THE IT GUYS:- (a) where the Equipment comprises of hardware components, within a period not exceeding twelve (12) months from the date of supply; (b) where the Equipment comprises of computer systems, within a period not exceeding twelve (12) months from the date of supply; (c) in all other cases, within a period not exceeding thirty (30) days from the date of supply, the defect in the Equipment, as determined by THE IT GUYS which renders the Equipment unsuitable for the ordinary use determined by THE IT GUYS. THE IT GUYS shall not be liable under clause 2.2 if the serial number is removed or defaced, or the defect is the result of:- (a) faulty materials or workmanship not provided by THE IT GUYS; (b) accident, improper use or mismanagement whether by the Customer, or a third party; (c) operation of the Equipment other than in accordance with any operating manuals supplied by THE IT GUYS; (d) use of the Equipment in a manner contrary to law; (e) subjection of the Equipment to unusual or non-recommended physical, environmental or electrical stress; (f) faulty or improper installation or reinstallation of the Equipment, or moving of the Equipment by a person other than THE IT GUYS; (g) the Customer’s failure or refusal to install engineering changes or enhancements recommended by THE IT GUYS; (h) fair wear and tear of the Equipment; (i) any alterations, modifications or additions to the Equipment not authorised by THE IT GUYS; (j) fire, floods or acts of God; (k) incorrect voltage to the Equipment and mains supply problems to the Equipment; (l) infestation of the Equipment by insects or vermin; (m) any damage to the Equipment which in THE IT GUYS’s opinion could have been avoided had THE IT GUYS been notified by the Customer within a reasonable time of the occurrence of such damage. 2.4 THE IT GUYS’s obligations under sub-clause 2.2 shall extend to installation of replacement and/or repaired parts in respect of the defect in the Equipment, where such replacement and/or repaired parts were originally installed by THE IT GUYS. 2.5 Replacement and repaired parts in respect of the defect in the Equipment are warranted until the expiry of the original warranty period pertaining to the Equipment as specified in sub-clause 2.2 above. 2.6 Products and equipment supplied by THE IT GUYS is based on the manufacturers’ warranty terms and conditions. THE IT GUYS will process all warranty claims with the manufacturer on behalf of customers. 2.7 THE IT GUYS does not handle warranty returns for products that already provide a direct manufacturer to customer warranty service. These products include, but are not limited to, printers, scanners, laptops and monitors. Refer to your warranty terms for specific details. 2.8 Products returned for warranty claims will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturers. No financial refunds will be provided under any circumstances. 2.9 Products within the warranty period which have been discontinued by manufacturer shall be upgraded to similar product, or a credit will be given at the current market value or purchase price (whichever is lower), less our restocking fee, […]