How we increased perth clients internet speed 516% to 31 mbps

Our Perth client on iiNet ADSL 2+ was getting an internet speed of 6 mbps. With the help of The IT Guys (WA) she is now getting 31.3 mbps an increase of 516%


One of the many things that the IT Guys can do for you is to improve and fix your Internet and Wi-fi issues.

Today (and more so in the future) we live in a “connected” world. Electronic devices of all kinds are being made “Internet-enabled” or “Wi-Fi enabled“, from smart-phones to fridges, just about every new device needs to be connected to each other device by means of a network or Wi-Fi.

Are you getting the maximum Internet download speed available? Here is how to find out your current situation and How to test your Internet Speed.  Australia’s national download average speed is 16.5 mbps, The average from area to area and state to state varies enormously. The ACT has the highest average (as the pollies always look after themselves first) with Canberra on 22.4 mbps, Sydney is next on 21.7 mbps, Hobart gets a nice 19.4 mbps, Melbourne has 15 mbps, Brisbane 14.5 mbps, Adelaide 12.6 mbps and lastly Perth on a mere 11.7 mbps. If your not receiving speeds around these averages, you need to do something about it. Here are a few pointers.

There are a number of ways to increase the speed of the Internet connection to your home or office, explained here in How to increase the speed of my Internet Connection

The speed of the Internet connection you receive maybe adequate but your equipment may not be performing correctly. In this article we tell you How to increase the speed of your Modem Router or Wireless Modem Router

With devices such as smart-phones, tablets, laptops, fridges, Foxtel etc, located all over the house, many of them will be communication with the Modem Router via radio-waves in the form of Wi-Fi. If your not getting the same level of internet speed on your wi-fi devices compared to the wired ones, you will need to fix these Wi-Fi issues. We tell you how in How to Fix Wif-Fi Problems. There are two forms of Wi-Fi and they each a different approach. Here is how to Fix Wi-Fi problems relating to Mobile/Broadband Internet and here is how to Fix Wi-Fi problems relating to Wired Internet connections.

You can also improve your web browsing speed by simply switching to another browser. Explain here in How to increase your Internet Browsing Speed

As explained in Networking and Internet one solution does not fit all circumstances. The IT Guys offer different solutions for different sized homes or offices. Three typical scenarios are explained in these chapters. Small Apartment, Home or Small Office Network Solutions , Medium Sized Single-story Home or Medium Office Network Solutions and Large Home or Large Office Complex Solutions over Multiple Floors

The IT Guys used their  knowledge and the techniques explain here to assist our Perth (Mosman Park) client move from a very poor and weak internet signal only available within metres of her lounge room, to full fast-streaming internet available in every room of her house, thus keeping the parents and more importantly the speed-hungry-teenagers happy.

Let the IT Guys help you do the same. Call us on 08 6365 5603


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If you would like The IT Guys(WA) to analyse, test and advise you on how to fix any of the above issues, click on Internet and Wi-Fi Testing and Consultancy Services where we offer paid remote on on-site services.

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