If your company receives IT from the IT Guys and you are NOT covered by a preventative maintenance agreement then we will fix your issues as they occur but we will not actively prevent them from happening.

prevention is better than cure

Ever heard of the above?

Many of our clients prefer to only pay for IT when they need it (ad-hoc ) , rather than paying an ongoing monthly sum ( agreement).

We are happy to your companies IT needs on any basis but if your IT systems are critical to your business, don’t you think it would be better investing in preventative measures and putting in place a disaster-recovery program rather than trying to fix issues once they occur?

Some of our clients are under the miscomprehension that the IT Guys (WA) will actively prevent IT disasters from occurring, even though they only contact us periodically to fix their problems as they occur. This is not the case.

Unless your company signs up for one of our monthly preventative maintenance plans we cannot stop or reduce the impact of IT disasters occurring in the future.

 Our Preventative Maintenance Plans start from $66 per month, we offer 4 plans:

  • Cloud Backup Plan – setup and installing cloud backup only, we monitor the cloud backup monthly.

  • Basic Remote Backup Plan – monthly remote checkup of your local backup

  • Onsite Backup Plan – monthly site visit to check computers and servers and local backup

  • Comprehensive Backup Plan – monthly site visit to check computers, servers, local and cloud backup

For further details, please click on the picture below:

Preventative Maintenance & Disaster Recovery

If you would like the IT Guys (WA) to quote on a basis or comprehensive preventative maintenance program tailored to your company, please contact us.


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