IT is the process of planning, organising and delineating responsibility for the completion of an organisations’ specific information technology goals.

Our IT engineers are highly experienced in delivering a range of infrastructure projects for your including, Networking, Server, and Storage, Virtualisation, Security, telephony Services and more.

CablesWhile there are many problems which may arise in the implementation of an IT project, including advances in technology during the project’s execution, infrastructure changes that impact security and data management and unknown dependent relationships among hardware, software, network infrastructure and data.

IT projects may also succumb to the first-time, first-use penalty which represents the total risk an organisation assumes when implementing a new technology for the first time. Because the technology hasn’t been implemented or used before in the organisation, there are likely to be complications that will affect the project’s likelihood of success.

The IT Guys take into account all complications which may arise from the implementation of new IT infrastructure, however, risks will always remain.

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