Protect your Business by using the correct version of Microsoft Office.


If your Business is still using Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011 NOT Office 365 Business or Microsoft Hosted Exchange, then you are already putting your business under serious risk of being hacked or compromised.

However, using non-business versions of Office 365 (Office 365 Home, Office 265 Personal, Office Home and Student)  can also be putting your organisation at similar risk.

  • Where does your email come from?
  • Who controls your mailbox?
  • Why am I getting SPAM emails.

Most Malware, Ransomware and Identity Theft starts with e-mails containing dangerous attachments or more likely links to external websites that download viruses or give others control of your computer systems.

This is because the “mailbox” that Microsoft Outlook connects to was probably provided by your website host (go-daddy, netregistry, crazy-domains) or is ISP based such as iinet, westnet, bigpond or even a free service such as Yahoo or Gmail.

These providers make almost NO attempt to reduce the amount of spam or viruses they send you but generally rely on your computers having anti-spam and anti-virus software that is supposed to filter out these nasties before your users see them.

Microsoft supplies the Mailboxes of 95% of the world’s top companies in the form of Microsoft Exchange Servers or Microsoft Hosted Exchange.


Do not rely on ISP or Domain mailboxes to stop dangerous emails reaching your company.

Office versions before Office 365 did not come with Exchange mailboxes (unless connection through a company server) and Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal versions of Office 365 do not come with an Exchange mailbox (they need to be purchased separately). Office 365 Business Premium is the cheapest Office version to include all Office Programs and an Exchange Mailbox (see pricing below)

Protect your company from only $5.60 per month with a Microsoft Exchange mailboxes that has some very sophisticated, cutting-edge and configurable anti-spam and anti-malware components, that filter out dangerous emails BEFORE you download them to your computer. Exchange* will even test the links in emails to make sure they are not linked to sites that contain viruses and hacking tools.

The IT Guys specialise in setting up mail accounts in Microsoft Hosted Exchange and migrating data from older versions of Outlook and Office to Exchange.
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Pricing Models.

Exchange Mailbox can be purchased as Microsoft® Exchange Online (Plan 1) for as little as A$ 5.60 per mailbox/per month
(Single 50GB Exchange mailbox only + Exchange Online Protection)

Larger Mailboxes (100 GB) require Microsoft® Exchange Online (Plan 2)- A$ 11.20 per mailbox/pm

Mailboxes of Unlimited capacity can be provided through the Enterprise E3 and E5 plans from A$ 29.60 per mailbox/pm

Exchange can also be bundled with Onedrive for Business (offline storage), Skype for Business and Office 365 software in packages such as:

  • Microsoft® Office 365 Business Essentials
  • Microsoft® Office 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft® Office 365 Enterprise – (Plan E1)
  • Microsoft®Office 365 Enterprise – (Plan E3)
  • Microsoft®Office 365 Enterprise – (Plan E5)

However, the highest level of mail security available is called Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and is only available as part of  Microsoft®Office 365 Enterprise – (Plan E5)-  at A$ 51.50 per mailbox /pm or by adding“Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection” or “ATP” and is available to anyone using the following

Microsoft Hosted Exchange or Microsoft Office 365  Business or Enterprise subscription plans.

Exchange Online Plan 1, Exchange Online Plan 2, Exchange Online Kiosk, Exchange Online Protection, Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 Enterprise E1, Office 365 Enterprise E2, Office 365 Enterprise E3, Office 365 Enterprise E4, Office 365 Enterprise K1, Office 365 Enterprise K2, Office 365 Education.

Advanced Threat Protection” or “ATP” and is available to anyone using the above Microsoft Hosted Exchange or Microsoft Office 365  Business or Enterprise subscription plans and is an additional $2.86 per mailbox per month and is available in Australia from early December 2017.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection for Office 365.


The following video provides an overview.

For a more in-depth video, click on the following videa

If you wish to protect yourself by employing Microsoft Advance Protection, contact us for a quote.

If your Office version does NOT contain a hosted mailbox, it can be added by purchasing the Exchange Online Plan 1 or upgrading Office to at least Office 365 Business Premium.


The IT Guys (WA) are an approved Telstra Apps Marketplace Partner and as such can support, purchase, administer, change, install and troubleshoot all Microsoft Office packages from SOHO Office 365 to multi thousand seat deployments for national and multi-national organisations, including:

Updated May 2017

Microsoft Office 365 Business plans

  • Microsoft® Office 365 Business Essentials  A$ 7.00 pp/pm (Single 50GB Exchange mailbox only + 1 TB online storage+ Skype for Business)
  • Microsoft® Office 365 Business A$ 13.20 pp/pm (Office only, 5 devices + 1 TB online storage)
  • Microsoft® Office 365 Business Premium –  A$ 17.50 pp/pm (Office, 5 device + Single 50GB Exchange Mailbox +Microsoft Bookings+ 1 TB online storage + Exchange Online Protection+ Skype for Business)

Microsoft Office 365 Business Enterprise plans

  • Microsoft® Office 365 ProPlus –  A$ 19.14 pp/pm (Office, 5 device + Single 50GB Exchange Mailbox +email protection+ 1 TB online storage)
  • Microsoft® Office 365 Enterprise – (Plan E1)-  A$ 11.20 pp/pm (Single 50GB Exchange mailbox + Data Governance+ 1 TB online storage)
  • Microsoft®Office 365 Enterprise – (Plan E3)-  A$ 29.60 pp/pm (Single unlimited Exchange mailbox  + Legal Hold + unlimited online storage)
  • Microsoft®Office 365 Enterprise – (Plan E5)-  A$ 51.50 pp/pm (Single unlimited Exchange mailbox  + Legal Hold + Advanced security & Threat Protection + unlimited online storage)

Microsoft Exchange

  • Microsoft® Exchange Online (Plan 1)- A$ 5.60 pp/pm (Single 50GB Exchange mailbox only + Exchange Online Protection (no online storage))
  • Microsoft® Exchange Online (Plan 2)- A$ 11.20 pp/pm (Single 100GB Exchange mailbox only + Legal Hold + Exchange Online Protection (no online storage))

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