One very important factor to check before renting a – yet none of the real estate guides mention it.

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A renters guide: what to look for in a rental property talks about storage area, hot and cold water, cleanliness, will your furniture fit, how many car parks are there etc.

But nobody suggests you check the following:


Is high-speed and Foxtel available at this location?

Moving to a house or apartment where there is no high speed internet or Foxtel connection can be a deal breaker these days, especially for the tech-savvy Gen X and Gen Y's.



If you are a property owner and your house or apartment has high-speed Internet and Foxtel. Make sure you brag about it in the real-estate advertising.

If you are a property owner and your house or apartment DOES NOT have high-speed Internet and Foxtel it could well increase your properties attractiveness by having them installed, or if they cannot be installed, keeping very quiet about the matter.

The majority of houses and business premises in are currently connected to the Internet via an ADSL which uses the copper wire, now known as the “land-line”, connecting your premises to the local telephone exchange.

Although speeds of 20 MBPS can be achieved using ADSL (if you live close to the telephone exchange), some connections only receiving 1 or 2 MBPS. In comparison, high speed internet can be achieved using HFC which currently offers speeds of 30 to 100 MBPS and fibre connections offer speeds of 100 MBPS or more. Test your current Internet Speed here.

Business fibre connections are available but very expensive at over $1,000 per month. NBN fibre (if available) offers the same speeds at a much lower price.


What is a HFC Connection?

HFC” stands for “” and is the coaxial  that provides Foxtel to homes and businesses.

In the 1990's laid the to many houses across many Suburbs to offer pay TV services. Only Telstra offer this service.

Foxtel wall plateYou don't currently need a Foxtel servicecoaxial-cable but you do need the cable running down your street. Not all streets and suburbs were connected in the 90's. Telstra's HFC service is also known as “ Broadband”.  See below for connection details and pricing:


What is a NBN Connection?

NBN-Fibre-access-pointNBN (National Broadband Network) is the name of the scheme and company charged with providing High Speedfibre-optics Internet services throughout Australia by the previous Labour Government. The NBN Company was formed to deliver these services initially by providing Fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP), Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN) or Fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB) Internet Services by a new fibre-optic cable network, giving peak speed of between 100 mbps to 1000 mbps. However, due to cost blow outs the technology mix has now changed dramatically with the current Government adding  Wireless and HFC to it's offered services.


How can I tell if I am eligible for a HFC or NBN high speed internet Connection?

What Alternative internet services are available at my address?





What happens if you are in a HFC area but dont have the cable running to your premises?

On March 4th it was announced that if Optus's or Telstra's pay TV cable runs down your street but you currently don't use it for broadband access, someone will come to hook up your home in the next few years – even if in the past you've been told it is unavailable.(Read more here “More pieces start to fit in NBN puzzle“)

Will I ever get an NBN Connection if I am eligible for a HFC connection?

A few months ago the Communications minister, Malcolm Turnbull, made it known that in order to save costs NBN quality broadband will only be delivered through the network for those premises that are currently eligible.

Only those premises not having an HFC connection will eventually get an NBN connection which could be FTTN or FTTP

Telstra Cable Broadband Pricing

telstra-logo (HFC) can deliver Internet speeds of 30 to 100 mbps compared to a maximum of 20 Mbps for ADSL 2+.

For plans and availability click here.


Plans start at only $73 per month. (plus modem and installation charges)

If your one of the many ADSL customers getting download speeds of 10 Mpb's or less (click here to test your speed) then Cable Broadband from Telstra is probably your only solution to faster Internet speeds unless you live in a new suburb or building that maybe eligible for FTTP or FTTN services.

Be aware that your existing modem will probably not be cable compatible so you will need to buy a new one from Telstra. A self-install Cable Gateway is $144 for new Telstra home broadband customers. If you're an existing Telstra home broadband customer and would like a new modem you can take up a T-Gateway Package for $216.

If you already have installed, Telstra will simple mail you a self-install modem kit. You can install it yourself or call us out to do it for you.

If you don't have Foxtel cable already coming into your house, Telstra will also charge you an installation fee to have one of their technicians install the cabling (up to $299), Make sure you direct them to terminate it a place that suits you such as next to your TV or in the smart-wiring junction box. Again, if you have any doubts, call us out to assist you.

Telstra cable broadband can provide download speeds up to a maximum of 30Mbps when downloading from capable sites or across multiple sites but average speeds will be lower. If you take up Telstra's optional $20 per month Super Fast Speed Boost option then it can provide download speeds up to a maximum of 100Mbps into the home for sharing across multiple users in a household.

 The above is designed as a self-help guide to finding a faster Internet Services to residents of Perth, . If you would like the IT Guys to be assistance or to deal with Telstra call us on 08 6365 5603 and we will be happy to assist if we can.

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