How to reset your search engine back to Google or Bing

If your browser becomes infected with malware such as the “Snap.Do” or “” you will need to cleanup your search engine choices and defaults and set back to your preferred search engine such as or .

Here is how to do it.

Setting Internet Explorer back to Google or Bing as your preferred search engine

To change your default search engine, click on the gear icon, select Manage Add-ons, and then, under Add-on Types, click Search Providers.
Select Google or Bing and click the Set Default button.

To remove a search engine such as SnapDo from Internet Explorer, select Web Search and click on Remove.

Change your Internet Explorer homepage to its default or by clicking on the gear icon, select Internet Explore options, and in the General tab, under the Home page section, click on Use default to restore Internet Explorer default home page or enter your preferred starting page address.

Setting Firefox back to Google or Bing as your preferred search engine

To reset your search engine and homepage to their default, we will use the SearchReset extension.This add-on is very simple: on installation, it backs up and then resets your search preferences and home page to their default values, and then uninstalls itself. This affects the search bar, URL bar searches, and the home page.
You can download SearchReset from the below link, and then we will just need to install it to revert Firefox to its default settings.
SEARCHRESET DOWNLOAD LINK (This link will open another web page from where you can download the SearchReset Firefox extension)

Setting Chrome back to Google or Bing as your preferred search engine

Click the Chrome menu button on the browser toolbar, select Tools and then click on Extensions.

Set Google Chrome default search to Google or any other choice.

Click the Chrome menu button, then select Settings and click on Manage search engines In the Search Engines dialog that appears, select Google and click the Make Default button that appears in the row.

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