Save up to 22% on SSD Upgrades in December 2016

“Life’s too short to waste time on slow computers”
– The IT Guys 2016


End of Year Special, order a new before December 31st 2016 and save up to 22% on current installed prices.

Treat yourself, family or friends to the gift of “speed” ….. “processing-speed” that is.


Why wait 44 secs for your computer to start when it could only take 17 (if you had a SSD disk drive) installed. How much of your daily life is wasted watch the “spinning wheel” or “wait” cursor, waiting for emails to send or recieve, files to upload or download. How many minutes per day could you claw back …. if you didn’t have to wait for that damn computer?


How to speed up your Apple Mac by 400%


Book your Apple or PC computer into the IT Guys for an in the month of December 2016 and save big on regular prices. Our fully Installed Prices for all types of Windows and Apple Computers are detailed below:

SSD Upgrade Prices for current Apple iMac (post 2012)

SSD Upgrade Prices for Apple iMac (pre 2012)

SSD Upgrade Prices for Apple Macbook Pro Retina (2012 onwards)

SSD Upgrade Prices for Apple Macbooks (pre 2012)

SSD Upgrade Prices for Apple Macbook Air (Late 2010 onwards)

SSD Upgrade Prices for Windows PC’s and Laptops

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