Should I save files to SharePoint or OneDrive?

What is the difference between and ?


Which one should I use?

OneDrive” is used mainly for personal and draft documents and only the user has access to documents stored on there unless the user specifically “shares” the document with someone else.

SharePoint” is used mainly for storage of files that are to be shared with other staff/team members. Sharing and permissions to access is controlled by the SharePoint administrator.

SharePoint is only available in Business Versions of 365 (Business, , , E1, E3, E5, SharePoint Plan 1 and 2)

OneDrive is available in Home and Business versions of

However, the program used to access both is actually called “OneDrive” and can be found from the start menu

or by clicking on the “little-blue-cloud” found on the taskbar at the bottom right of a computer.

In Mac OS, it appears in the Top Task bar as follows

How to setup OneDrive and SharePoint on an iMac or Macbook

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