Slow or crashing Computer or PC? may need a spring-clean


Is your PC slow?

Does the fan make funny noises?

Does your PC start then shuts down after a few minutes?

You may think there is something seriously wrong with your computer but a more common explanation is that it could simply be choking to death???

clogged-processorA PC, Computer or Laptop uses power and as a result generates heat. Every PC has 1,2 or 3 fans in the case designed to keep the components cool and working optimally.

Think of a PC like a car….. if the radiator blows…. so does the engine.

A PC or laptop is no different. The main fans suck in or expel air to keep the internals cool.

Where should you position your PC case or Tower?

Try to NOT place your PC box or tower on the FLOOR ….. because this is where the majority of , lint and hair ends up. The fan on your PC will suck it in and trap it in the case or in the air vents.

Mixed with vapor from humidity, cooking fats etc, the dust solidifies and can stop a fan from turning and causing overheating.

If this happens your PC needs a spring-clean. Be careful cleaning it yourself though, remember to switch off and disconnect the PC from the power before opening the case. If you are in any doubt, bring it to us or we can come to you and clean it for you.

How to clean a PC

You need to blow away and vacuum the dust away from the power supply, cooling foils and cooling fans and the motherboard. You can buy USB type vacuum cleaners but they really do not pack the power required to remove dust from a safe distance especially if it has become matted and solidified. You can also purchase cans of compressed air which are good for dislodging the dirt and dust but you need a powerful means of extracting the dirt from the case at the same time. We recommend an industrial strength vacuum cleaner with a very small nozzle.

Tell-tail signs your PC maybe choking to death

clogged-power-supplyFrom the outside look at the power supply..does it show signs of being clogged?
snake-in-pc1Are there any foreign objects blocking the airflow?
snake-in-pc2Be careful when opening the case in case you disturb the blockage.
snake-in-pc3I don’t think compressed air and a vacuum cleaner is going to get rid of this blockage

Seriously, if your having these problems then let us deal with them. A simple clean could save you $$$$ in replacing parts.

contact-usIf you don’t want or can’t fix the problem yourself, give us a call and we can fix it. Come to us in Subiaco or we can come to you.

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