Slow Mac? Could be a GPU (Video Card) Failing

Mac video problems are bad news for iMacs and Macbooks and could signal it’s end-of-life

Slow Macs that show distorted screens or fail to start properly are usually caused by a failing Video or Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)


If your device is under 5 years old, Apple may still carry parts and it can be fixed.

Over 5 years old and your only solution is second-hand parts that usually have no guarantees attached.

If you have Video issues and the Mac or Macbook is older than 5 years old, it may be time for a new one. Dodnt use second hand parts unless you can get hold of them cheaply from a reliable source.

Some Mac have been recalled with Video Issues in the past, check this link to see if your model is one of them.

See… Why is my Mac So Slow??


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