A simple upgrade to your pre-2012 can increase it’s performance by 400% and make it run like a new model.


If your (Pro or Air) was purchased prior to 2012, then your probably noticing how slow it has recently become, on startup and during general use. How often are you seeing the applespinning wheel” as you open applications?

Unfortunately, as the size of each new update gets larger and larger the more work your () does to load the programs.

If your computer is a pre-2012 model then it most likely contains a conventional Hard-Disk-Drive (HDD) , which is now more than 4 years old and has a 50% chance of failing and slowing down due to age and an accumulation of old programs, utilities and old operating systems.

True speed and performance is gained by replacing the old HDD with a (Solid-State-Drive) which is what started to do on it’s post 2012 models.

SSD’s have no moving parts and are in essence a very large USB thumb or and they work 4 times faster than conventional drives.


To find out if or how much your Computer can be upgraded, you firstly need your computers serial number which can be found underneath a or click on ““.

local mac model id

Once you have your serial number or Mac ID send an email to support@itguyswa.com and we can then give you a written of options that will suit your


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Pre-Unibody” Pro (white and black polycarbonate models)


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