SSD Upgrades to your post 2012 Apple iMac (aka “Tapered Edge” Aluminium iMac¹) can increase it's life, capacity and speed and make it run like new .



From 2012 to the current model, have been supplying 's with either a or a combined / HDD known as a “” which is in essence a small SSD combined with a 1TB or larger HDD.

The small SSD is used to run the OS and so they started quicker but unfortunately, the size of each new update gets larger and larger and requiring more space.

The only way to a is to replace the whole drive with an SSD (replace the mechanical, slow HDD with a purely solid-state drive)

SSD's have no moving parts and are in essence a very large thumb or and they work 4 times faster than conventional drives.

To find out if or how much your Apple Computer can be upgraded, you firstly need your computers serial number which can be found on the base of the stand on iMacs or click on “About this “.

Once you have your serial number send an to :e-mail:and we can then give you a written of options that will suit your Apple

¹Tapered Edge Aluminium iMac

“Tapered Edge” Aluminium iMac models 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 have a sharp tapered edge around the display. They come in two sizes, 21.5″ and 27″. Regardless of release date, these systems can be identified collectively by model numbers A1418 and A1419.

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