cloud backup

If you don’t backup your phone and computer data, you stand a high risk of losing everything.

Remember the old drink-driving advert that said “If you drink and drive your a bloody idiot”? Well the same can be said for people and their data. We get many people coming through our doors with sad stories about breaking their phone and losing recent holiday pics or having 10 […]

Datto ALTO 3 – Intelligent Business Continuity Solution for Small Business

FREE 2TB Backup Hardware Device with 2TB Cloud backup from only $119 per month* The Datto ALTO 3 delivers enterprise-gradeIntelligent Business Continuity (IBC) functionality at a small business price. See also: TRADITIONAL BACKUP VS. INTELLIGENT BUSINESS CONTINUITY Functionality included with monthly service: 2TB Local and Cloud Backup System licences for Windows, Mac […]

IT disasters – A private organisation with FileCryptor Ransomware

A real account of a recent incident experienced by an private organisation known to us in the Perth, Western Australia (December 2016) infected with FileCryptor Ransomware.  An employee of a private organisation in Perth received a dubious email disguised as an invoice. The email did not have an attachment and on face value appeared to […]

IT disasters – a 24/7 Supermarket with multiple virus infections.

A real account of a recent incident experienced by a 24/7 Supermarket known to us in Perth, Western Australia (January 2017) with multiple virus infections. The IT Guys manage and monitor the Anti-Virus software of a 24/7 Supermarket through AVG Cloudcare. Unfortunately, they have not heeded our advice regarding their backup regime, Internet connection and […]