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Apple’s latest macOS 10.14 (mojave) available Sep/Oct 2018

MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) is to be released in Sept/Oct 2018 with added features but dropping support for some models older than 2014 and all older than 2012 See full details below: As reported by MacWorld and MacRumours macOS 10.14 codenamed Mojave (pronounced mo-HAH-vee) is in final beta stages with a release sometime […]

How to speed up your Mac

Do you remember when your Mac started up in a few seconds? How to speed up your Mac If you do remember when your Mac started quickly, you’ve either got a very good memory or you already have a Mac fitted with an SSD (Solid State Drive) instead of a […]

Has your Macbook got the latest updates? You maybe shocked!!!

You may think you have the latest updates on your Mac!! but do you? Even if updates have been downloaded, did they ever get installed? How do you find out what update you have on your Mac? click on “About This Mac” ….. In the above case the Version is 10.11.1 […]

How to speed up your Apple Mac by 400%

A simple upgrade to your Apple iMac or MacBook can increase it’s performance by 400% and make it run like a new model. We show you how. When you buy or test a new Mac the first thing you notice is how quickly it starts up and the absence of […]

Is your Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook running slow?

It is vitally important to keep Apple’s Mac, iMac and Macbook Operating System (OSx) and Apps updated to avoid security, compatibility and speed issues. Does your Apple Computer appear to be running slower than normal? We get many complaints such as this, quite often the problem is solved by upgrading […]

How to check Mac, iMac, Mini or MacBook for MacOS Updates

It is vitally important to keep Apple’s Mac, iMac and Macbook Operating System (OSx) and Apps updated to avoid security and compatibility issues with Apple Devices and Apple computers. How to determine the current operating system for your Apple device https://www.apple.com/au/macos/how-to-upgrade/ Backup before Updating Updates can corrupt your data so […]

How to switch on OSx and App updates for iMac/Macbook

How to switch on Automatic OSx updates and App updates for Apple iMac’s and Apple Macbook’s iMac and Macbook users can have OS and Apps automatically updated and installed by doing the following. In your iMac, Macbook, Mac Mini, Open up “System Preferences” (there are a number of ways to do this) […]

Why do I need to keep updating my iPhone, iPad, Apps and Apple OS?

In the last 2 weeks of October 2015, Apple had issued a number of updates for their devices and computers that need to be applied to protect your security and keep your programs and Apps working? We show you how to check if you have the latest OS update and how […]

iOS 10.11 (El Capitan) now available in Australia

Apple latest OS (El Capitan) iOS 10.11 was made available on the Australian App Store yesterday (30 September 2015) should I download now or wait a while? It seems like everyone wants to download El Capitan at the same time. As of October 1st…. our attempt to download told us it […]