Office 365 Business Premium

Office 2016/Office 365 Pricing and Products Explained 15

Updated Jan 2018 Purchasing a new version of Microsoft Office today in AUSTRALIA  is different from the past because you now have many choices and it’s quite a minefield to negotiate. (click here for prices in other countries) What is the difference between Office 2016 and Office 365?   In very simple terms. […]

How are you preventing staff opening emails that could ruin your business?

Your Business Computers may be protected from Computer Viruses but it’s Phishing you really need to worry about. Anti-Virus programs (AVG, Nortons etc) DO NOT protect your business from “Phishing”. But there is a solution. No matter how up-to-date your virus protection or operating system (OS) is, it is normally human-error […]

Microsoft Bookings appointment management, now part of Office 365 Business

Microsoft Bookings is a NEW feature of the Office 365 Business Premium* package and it makes it easy for small businesses to schedule and manage appointments with their customers. Bookings gives you a quick and easy alternative to scheduling appointments over the phone. A customizable public webpage lets your customers […]

Protect your Business by using the correct version of Microsoft Office.

  If your Business is still using Office 2003, 2007, 2010, 2011 and NOT Office 365, then you are already putting your business under serious risk of being hacked or compromised. However, using the WRONG version of Office 365 can also be putting your organisation at similar risk. Where does […]

Office 365 Business – Pricing and Products Explained

There are many versions of Microsoft Office 365 including: Microsoft Office 365 Personal and Microsoft Office 365 Home which are suitable for individuals and families but they are NOT recommended for businesses.     Office 365 Business packages are supported and administered by The IT Guys (WA) as a Microsoft Partner on behalf […]

How to reduce the amount of e-mail SPAM you receive

10 ways to reduce e-mail SPAM. Everyone hates e-mail SPAM, but if you use e-mail (as we all do), SPAM-EMAILS are a fact of life. 1 or 2 spam emails a day are to be expected, but if the majority of your mail is SPAM or JUNK you need a quick […]