WAP’s v Network Range Extenders/Boosters

Like most people who cannot get wi-fi internet unless they sit next to the modem, you have probably purchased devices that boost or extend the wi-fi range into other rooms. And like most people you wish you had not wasted your money. There are hundreds of “Wi-Fi Range extenders“, “Wi-Fi […]

Cloud based PABX Systems from $24.95 per month

Businesses can reduce their telephone costs by up to 66% by replacing their current PABX system with a cloud based PABX. Cloud based PABX systems allow businesses to cancel their telephone line rentals and ditch their old PABX systems and receive and make calls using their Internet Connection, all without […]

Ubiquiti Solutions Provider – Perth & Western Australia 1

Ubiquiti Enterprise Network Solutions, Fixes, Troubleshooting, Sales, Network Design & Consulting services to Clients, Architects, Designers and Builders in Perth & Western Australia The IT Guys are experts in the setup and support of Ubiquiti Enterprise and Ubiquiti Unify products to industry and residential customers. Reliable and strong wi-fi internet […]

Network and Wi-Fi Design, Troubleshooting and Installation Services

Network Design & Consulting services to households, business clients, Architects, Designers and Builders for Smart Wiring of Homes and Offices. Wether you are building, designing, renovating or moving house/office The IT Guys can help with Networking, Internet and Wifi issues. Trouble Shooting Internet and Wi-Fi Testing and Consultancy Services Designing, […]