WAP’s v Network Range Extenders/Boosters

Like most people who cannot get wi-fi internet unless they sit next to the modem, you have probably purchased devices that boost or extend the wi-fi range into other rooms. And like most people you wish you had not wasted your money. There are hundreds of “Wi-Fi Range extenders“, “Wi-Fi […]

smart wired home

Smart wiring 7

Is Smart Wiring really necessary? Is it worth spending $2 – $15k on smart wiring?   Is Smart Wiring really necessary? and what is it? Today, just about every new house comes with a “smart-wiring” package, supposed to make your house “future-proof“. That statement may have been true 10 years […]

Fixing Wi-Fi problems relating to Mobile/Broadband Internet

Solutions for fixing Mobile/Broadband Internet These are Wi-Fi problems relating to Mobile Broadband, Wi-Fi Internet, Cellular Internet, Mi-Fi, 3G/4G Internet which are all terms that describe accessing the Internet on a Computer, Phone or device using the same radio waves that mobile phones use. There are a number of devices you can […]