Wireless Access Points

WAP’s v Network Range Extenders/Boosters

Like most people who cannot get wi-fi internet unless they sit next to the modem, you have probably purchased devices that boost or extend the wi-fi range into other rooms. And like most people you wish you had not wasted your money. There are hundreds of “Wi-Fi Range extenders“, “Wi-Fi […]

Ubiquiti Solutions Provider – Perth & Western Australia 1

Ubiquiti Enterprise Network Solutions, Fixes, Troubleshooting, Sales, Network Design & Consulting services to Clients, Architects, Designers and Builders in Perth & Western Australia The IT Guys are experts in the setup and support of Ubiquiti Enterprise and Ubiquiti Unify products to industry and residential customers. Reliable and strong wi-fi internet […]

Network and Wi-Fi Design, Troubleshooting and Installation Services

Network Design & Consulting services to households, business clients, Architects, Designers and Builders for Smart Wiring of Homes and Offices. Wether you are building, designing, renovating or moving house/office The IT Guys can help with Networking, Internet and Wifi issues. Trouble Shooting Internet and Wi-Fi Testing and Consultancy Services Designing, […]

Building or Renovating? Make yours a Smart-Wired Wi-Fi enabled Home for less than $1,000

Free your family from the lounge room. Give them hi-speed wi-fi internet throughout the whole house. The strongest wi-fi (wireless) signal will always be next to the Internet modem, wherever this is located. Quite often next to the TV or in a home office. Many people use “wi-fi-boosters“,  “wi-fi-extenders” or “POE” […]