Problems with Bigpond or Telstra services?


If your is down or you have issues the first place to check is with .

Nobody likes spending hours on hold on the waiting to speak to the overseas helpdesk…. there is an alternative.

Telstra has a chat-bot where you can speak to a digital assistant and eventually get through to a real person. Its on Telstra's website but not easy to find. it is called

But you will need to sign in

fix telstra

You now need to sign in with your Telstra details, and eventually you will find CODI ….


This is the quickest and most convenient way of contacting Telstra.

If Telstra tells you the problem is with your , network, etc… this is where we can help you but you first need to contact Telstra.

And after all this if you are sick of telstra and looking for an alternative…. we recommend 's very own Pentanet

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