Upgrading Mac OS (to High Sierra or Mojave) may not be possible if you are still running older versions of some non- software


Increasing speed and performance by up to 400% is possible on older Macs by replacing the HDD with an SSD or a new HDD. However, you may not be able to upgrade the OS if you are running any of the following non- software products.

Adobe Creative Suite Software


  • , CS3, CS4, CS5 will ONLY work with OS X 10.9/Mavericks or earlier. They will NOT work with , or Sierra.
  • will work on OS up OS X 10.10/Yosemite. They will NOT work with  or Sierra.
  • Only CC (Creative Cloud) is guaranteed to work on  and Sierra

Adobe Acrobat Pro 8


Will NOT work with or Sierra

Microsoft Office 2011 or Earlier


After cloning early versions of Office to a new HDD or SSD, sometimes the office Activation key is sometimes requested. Make sure you have this at hand before attempting an upgrade. If you misplace it you will need to buy it all over again or better still install Office 365.



Desktop 9 for Mac and earlier versions do not support macOS Sierra.

While Parallels Desktop 10 will run your virtual machines on macOS Sierra, you will not be able to access your Windows files with Mac applications and a new installation of Parallels Desktop 10 will not work on macOS Sierra.

To enjoy all new features of macOS Sierra and full compatibility please upgrade to Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac.

Quicken Essentials for Mac


Does not work with Sierra

Yahoo! Messenger


Will NOT work with or Sierra

Other Software

The above list is just a few of many well used programs that have been identified as having issues. If you have other non-Mac programs not listed here, check with the authors about compatibility before attempting any OS upgrade.

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