We name the to store your data in the for FREE (in August 2013)

If you are looking for offsite and for your data, photos, music, documents etc. these 4 solutions offer you similar features but with varying amounts of storage. As you can see from the table below, once you get beyond the storage limit, the prices for extra storage can start to be expensive. The following storage limits and prices for additional storage were current in August 2013, but click on the links to each option to find out the latest deals for yourself (and please update the blog by leaving a comment).

August 2013 Name Storage Extra Storage
google-drive-logo Google Drive 15 GB extra 100 GB $4.99/month
Skydrive-Logo-150 Microsoft Skydrive 7 GB extra 10 GB $20/year
icloud-logo Apple iCloud 5 GB extra 10 GB $21/year
drop-box-logo Drop Box 2 GB extra 100 GB $99/year

As a business we use Google Drive to store all our company records such as documents, spreadsheets, images, brochures, presentations etc. And now use the and built in tools such as “Document” “Spreadsheet” “Presentation” and “Drawing” rather than Office. We collaborate on documents with contractors and colleagues all over the world in real-time. If your an avid /Excel addict, simply configure the default storage directory to your local Google Drive on your PC and they will be synced automatically in the Google Drive .

Personally I use the service to backup and share data among my Apple devices such as my iPhone, and . My pictures, music, contacts are stored automatically and my data backed up to be used on those devices anywhere in the world.

If your a Microsoft geek with a PC, Microsoft Phone etc Then Skydrive is probably for you and offers similar storage deals and pricing to Google Drive. The interface and workings appear to be a copy of drive.

Drop box was the original “cloud” solution but is now struggling to stay in touch with the big three but it still has an army of loyal fans.

As well as these four there are hundreds of storage offerings. Just do a search for “Cloud Storage” … a Google Search of course 🙂

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