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Secure data by backing up to the cloud from $20 per month

Backing up data over the internet to a secure server in another location has now become very affordable and an alternative to using External Hard Disk drives, NAS drives or a server and tape drives.

The IT Guys () in partnership with a reputable International company based out of Sydney, New South Wales, can now provide such services at a cost of only $20 per month per device (Unlimited Data, for a , Laptop or Server) or from $10 per TB (1,000 GB) per month for a NAS drive

In addition to the monthly fee stated above, there is also an initial seed option for a one off fee of $350. If you have a lot of existing data that would takes days or weeks to over the Internet, we can supply an external , backup your data onto it and courier it to Sydney to be loaded onto the backup server. Once the data is loaded, only the difference between the old and new data is backed up daily over the Internet.

Although a very cheap option, this is a cloud backup solution as opposed to a cloud file solution. This means that lost files need to be recovered first before using and files cannot be accessed via a web browser. Although all data files are backed up and recovered using this solution, programs and applications are not and would have to be reinstalled. This can be quite time consuming.

The Datto ALTO 3 delivers enterprise-grade (IBC) functionality at a small business price and allows full server image restore including all data and programs. This is much quicker alternative that having to reinstall server software and applications


Datto ALTO 3 – Intelligent Business Continuity Solution for Small Business

The following provides a cost comparison of various cloud backup and file sharing solutions

cloud backup price comparison

note 1 – Australian iCloud Prices – 2TB storage (Files, pictures, Music, Books etc) – Files can be accessed via browser

note 2 – Australian Google Drive Prices – can expand to 10TB – Files can be accessed via browser

note 3 – OneDrive/Sharepoint – Can expand to 25TB – Files can be accessed via browser

note 4 – Dropbox Plus prices – Also unlimited Dropbox Business for $33/m x 5 users gives unlimited storage (Dropbox Business) – Files can be accessed via browser

note 5 – IT Guys WA A4 Prices incl GST on a 12 month contract, managed by the IT Guys. (Files only) – Files cannot be accessed via a browser and need to restored. Does not copy programs, only data

note 6 – IT Guys WA A$ Prices incl GST 2TB for $150 on a 12 month contract, manager by the IT Guys Backs Up Files and Disk image for Servers. ) – Files can be accessed via browser

note 7 – USD Prices Elephant Drive Pricing Plans unlimited plans available on application (Files only) ) – Files can be accessed via browser

note 8 – Azure backup prices – real-time replication of your virtual machines (VM) to a backup vault in Azure

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