We are seeing a few failed High-Sierra update issues coming through the workshop recently.

Here are the common causes:

  • Corrupt installation file (wi-fi, power or internet dropped out whilst downloading or installing.
    • Make sure power cord is in and preferably connect to internet via an ethernet cord
  • Corrupt installtion due to shortage of available diskspace
    • High Sierra is a big download, Please amke sure you have plenty of available disk space before attempting the upgrade
  • Failed HDD or SSD
    • These tend to fail at the most inconvenient times, usually while doing an upgrade
  • Computer is too old
    • if your Mac is older than 2009, it’s not going to work (see full list below)
  • Not enough memory ()
    • Your mac will need a minimum of 4GB RAM to upgrade to High Sierra.
  • Encrypted Hard Disk
    • To upgrade to High Sierra, your drive needs to be decrypted

No matter what the issues is, The IT Guys can it, please bring your Mac to our workshop in Subiaco, No appointment necessary.


If the installation fails, your computer goes to sleep or there is a loss of internet connection, you may corrupt the operating system and may then need to restore from the last full .

The upgrade is also only available for the following Mac models

macOS High Sierra Apple’s latest OS Upgrade available to download now (ver 10.13)

Need more help?

Covid-19 Update: Business as usual for workshop , remote and onsite support.

If you live in Western Australia, and you need any kind of computer help, please bring your computer to us at 315 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, Western Australia or call us out. You can email us at helpdesk@itguyswa.com.au or call:

08 6118 2601 

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For instant remote control sessions, follow the instructions found on this page



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