How to use Apples default program “Time Machine” to backup a Mac, iMac, Macbook or Mac Mini to an external storage device

PC’s , iMacs and Macbooks have an internal program called “Time Machine” which allows you to and restore your data to an external data source such as those described here. Full details as supplied by Apple can be found here. Details on how to use Time Machine can be found here.

Time Machine can be found on a MacOS Computer as follows:

Open Time Machine preferences from the Time Machine menu Time Machine icon in the menu bar. Or choose Apple  () menu >  Preferences, then click Time Machine.

To use Time Machine, you need an external storage solution, sold separately:

  • External hard drive connected to a USB, FireWire, or Thunderbolt port on your Mac
  • macOS Server on your network
  • NAS or External hard drive connected to your wireless network

Once setup, we suggest you tick the “ Automatically” tick box and keep the external device connected at all times to allow continuous and ongoing backups, which will happen automatically in the background and should not affect the computers performance.

If using a portable External Hard Disk Drive (HDD) it is a good suggestion to rotate between a number of such devices on a regular basis and storing the older ones off-site or in a secure, fire-proof location.

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