Why am I being shaped? Where did my data go?

Did your internet speed get shaped recently because you exceeded your monthly data allowance?

Data-Throttling (shaping) should come as no surprise if you are a prolific downloader of films and TV series, but if your not. Where did all your data go?

A client of ours had such a question, so we looked at their ISP’s data stats and saw the following.

Yes, they had exceeded their monthly data allowance (100GB per month). However the client insisted that they rarely download large files anymore, so where had their data allowance gone, these last three months?

So we dug a little bit deeper and analysed their download AND uploaded data.

During the last two months their downloads had gone down but their uploads had increased dramatically.

And the culprit was?

Although they were not downloading any files…. the fact that uTorrent was still running, meant that other users were uploading the files off the clients own computer and contributing to their upload data.

Remember, your data allowance is a combination of downloads + uploads. Most people think it is only downloaded data. Unless you are on an “Unlimited” data plan, data is calculated up and down.

So if your NOT using uTorrent, turn it OFF, else you could be sorry and have to pay for more data.

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