Microsoft recently (January 2020) sent a number of critical updates to your computer, it is vital that you install these else your computer could be vulnerable to hackers and/or Microsoft Office may become unstable and not work properly

Many users will have Automatic-Updates switched on but some customers who rarely reboot or restart their computers may not be installing these vital updates.

Take a look at the bottom right of your computer, do you see a notification like the picture above?

If so, hovering over the icon may show a message such as

“Your device is missing important updates. Select the icon for more info”

Clicking the icon, may show you options such as these

If so, please select “Restart Now” or “Schedule Restart” if you wish the update to happen at a more convenient time.

If you do-not see the icon but wish to check that the updates have or have not been installed, please see the following tutorial.

Windows 10 update version 1909 (November 2019)

By regularly checking and installing updates, your computer should remain safe and secure and future issues should be prevented.

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