Windows 10 popups and how to get rid of them

popups – How annoying is this???

Want to know how to get rid of it? It’s not easy but feel free to try these at home


Updated April 2016

We recommend NOT upgrading to Windows 10 ONLY if……

a) your Laptop or PC is older than 2 years.

b) you still run Office 2003

c) you run older software may not also run on Win 10 , check with the manufacturer.

d) Printers/scanners/or other peripherals older than 2 years may also not run on Windows 10

If none of the above applies, feel free to run the upgrade… which ceases to be FREE after 29th July 2016, when you will have to pay $120 for Windows 10 home or $199 for Windows 10 pro.

If you really want Windows 10, buy a desktop or laptop with it already installed

How to Uninstall Windows 10

How to uninstall Windows 10


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  1. stupid_annoying_microsoft - August 17, 2015 Reply

    Microsoft the freakin idiot bastard company. Win 10 popup annoying more than hell. Hope Microsoft rot in hell and maggots in entrails. Stupid idiot, BS Microsoft.

    Microsoft went from beloved company in the mid-90’s to stupid shit company. I will switch to Linux if forced to upgrade. Stupid shit, useless, idiot Microsoft.

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