In Partnership with Perth ISP “Pentanet” and leading wi-fi equipment provider “Ubiquiti Networks” we provide Perth's fastest residential Internet/Wi-Fi bundle

Pentanet offer NBN and Fixed-Wireless Internet Services at comparable rates to Telstra, & but with the support of a local call-centre and operations based in Balcatta, Western .

NBN Internet

NBN cable (FTTN, FTTP, HFC, , FTTC) should generally provide the fastest Internet Speeds and we can simply connect to the existing NBN connection.

However, in areas that are not yet NBN ready or have issues with old Telstra copper lines, these issues can be circumvented by connecting to Pentanets Fixed Wireless Network which involves having a Pentanet technician install a small dish on your roof

Fixed Wireless Internet

plus supply and onsite setup of the service and an Ubiquiti HD Mesh Wi-Fi

If your or is covered by the orange shading (see picture below), you can probably get Pentanet fixed wireless! If you're also covered by a black circle, you're in luck – PentaMAX millimeter wave service may also be an option for you.


Don't forget that Pentanet fixed wireless relies on a line of sight to their towers. Sometimes, trees, buildings and other objects can obstruct this line of sight, so  we will make sure you check your address to find out exactly what's available.

Extending your Wi-Fi Network

The Amplifi HD Modem provide a Wi-Fi signal 300% to 400% stronger than ISP supplied modems (Telstra, iiNet etc) which should extend to approx 10,000 Sq Ft. However, this reduces quickly depending on the number and construction of walls and ceilings.

wifi signal loss over distance

Using multiple Amplifi units in various parts of a building pickup and boost the Wi-Fi signal over a single mesh-network.


To enquire about this offer please contact IT Guys (WA) by emailing with your residential or business address (no calls please)