Running Windows on a Mac?

Running Windows on a Mac? Upgraded to Windows 10 yet? Time is running out. If you run Windows 7 on any Mac, you are going to have to upgrade to Windows 10 before January when updates and support ends for Windows 7. Running Windows 10 on older Macs using Parallels may still be possible but using MacOS Bootcamp on older Macs not mentioned below will not be able to make the upgrade which means upgrading your Mac or buying a Windows computer. MacBook introduced in 2015 or later MacBook Air introduced in 2012 or later MacBook Pro introduced in 2012 or later Mac mini introduced in 2012 or later iMac introduced in 2012 or later iMac Pro (all models) Mac Pro introduced in 2013 iMac now has a Windows rival If you run Microsoft Windows on an iMac because of the All-in-One, sleek and stylish design there are now a range of DELL AIO computers that rival iMac, at a fraction of the cost of a new iMac Model 21″ Screen 24″ Screen 27″ Screen Apple iMac $1699 – $2299 N/A $2799 – $7299 Dell OptiPlex 7770 N/A $1651 – $1801 $2169 – $3289 Need more help? Covid-19 Update: Business as usual for workshop repairs, remote support and onsite support. If you live in Western Australia, and you need any kind of computer help, please bring your computer to us at 315 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, Western Australia or call us out. You can email us at or call: 08 6118 2601  For instant remote control sessions, follow the instructions found on this page Tags: bootcamp, dell, iMac, macbook, optiplex, parallels, windows 10, windows 7