Building or Renovating? Make yours a Smart-Wired Wi-Fi enabled Home from $428

Building or Renovating? Make yours a Smart-Wired Wi-Fi enabled Home from $428 Free your family from the lounge room. Give them hi-speed wi-fi internet throughout the whole house. The strongest wi-fi (wireless) signal will always be next to the Internet modem, wherever this is located. Quite often next to the TV or in a home office. Many people use “wi-fi boosters“,  “wi-fi extenders” or “POE” adapters to boost that signal into other rooms of the house, this can suffice to a certain extent but the speed and bandwidth will always be much slower than at the source. To get full-strength internet and wi-fi into all corners of the house, a “Smart-Wireless” solution needs to be employed which is a combination of ethernet cabling (hard-wiring) and “Wireless Access Points” (WAPs). The best time to implement this would during house renovations or when designing and building a new house. However most existing house and offices can be fitted out within a day with minimal disruption and mess. If your house or office is already “smart-wired” we can usually utilise the existing network ports without the need for additional wiring. The following prices are typical for supplying and deploying wireless internet solutions to smart-wired homes utilising the existing network ports. Wireless Smart-Wired-Home solutions for extra large sized homes with multiple floors from $1,559 Wireless Smart-Wired-Home solutions for large sized homes from $1,369 Wireless Smart-Wired-Home solutions for medium sized homes $1,100 Wireless Smart-Wired-Home solutions for small homes from $462 Wireless Smart-Wired-Home solutions for small unit or apartment from $428 Example: A large single storey home with up to 4 bedrooms can be covered with 3 WAP’s hard-wired back to an 8 port switch for approx $1,369 (plus cabling costs if not already smart wired) Bigger homes, multi-storey homes and older houses with thicker walls and non-smart TV’s, may need more ethernet and WAP’s than the illustration above. The IT Guys offer a “Home Network and Wi-Fi Design Services” starting from $66 for homes and offices.   We turn basic electrical wiring plans   Into detailed networked wiring plans that will deliver “wired” and “wireless” internet access throughout the home, including specifying the equipment to be employed and a cost estimate to supply and configure the equipment. The IT Guys provide cost estimates on the preferred equipment including supply and final setup (if required) using the best networking and sound systems. If you would like the IT Guys to give you an independent quote or assessment and you are based in Perth. Please give us a call on 08 6118 2601 or email us at and we will see if we can help. Need more help? Covid-19 Update: Business as usual for workshop repairs, remote support and onsite support. If you live in Western Australia, and you need any kind of computer help, please bring your computer to us at 315 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, Western Australia or call us out. You can email us at or call: 08 6118 2601  For instant remote control sessions, follow the instructions found on this page Tags: electrical wiring plan, email, ethernet, home network, home networking, home office, internet, non smart tv, Office, POE, smart home wiring, smart house wiring, smart tv, smart wire, smart wired, smart wiring, sonos, ubiquiti, unifi, WAP, WAPs, wi fi extenders, wi-fi, wi-fi boosters, Wi-Fi enabled Home, wi-fi extender, wifi, wifi booster, wifi design, wifi extender, wireless access point, Wireless Access Points, wireless amart wired home, wireless internet