High-Definition IP Video Surveillance System

The unifi® Video Cameras G3 represent the next generation of cameras designed for use in the UniFi Video surveillance management system. These cameras offer 1080p Full HD resolution for day or night use and are integrated with the unifi video software for powerful and flexible, integrated IP video management. The cameras are easy to operate and manage using the UniFi Video® software, which is pre-installed on the optional UniFi Application server and the UniFi NVR appliance, or can be downloaded free of charge. 5 camera models are available, in different sizes and formats with features such as 1080p Full-HD, microphones, 2-way audio, infrared LED, wide-angle lenses which can be located on desktops, poles, celings and walls, indoors and outdoors. Cameras include uvc-g3-bullet (UVC-G3-AF), UVC-G3-PRO, UVC-G3-DOME, UVC-G3-MICRO, UVC-G3-FLEX The UniFi NVR is a plug-and-play NVR appliance with pre-installed UniFi Video software to configure and manage the UniFi Video Cameras G3. Its 2 TB hard drive provides up to 4800* recording hours at 480p, 1600* recording hours at 720p, or 700* recording hours at 1080p. in Western Australia, installers of this equipment need a “Security Installer Licence – Class 3” please check with your installer. If you are looking for a qualified installer, we can recommend Cablenet. Wi-fi Problems? Wireless Smart-Wired-Home solutions for extra large sized homes with multiple floors Wireless Smart-Wired-Home solutions for medium sized homes Wireless Smart-Wired-Home solutions for small houses, units or apartment Wi-Fi Internet Extenders Smart wiring – Is it really necessary? WAP’s v Network Range Extenders/Boosters High-Definition IP Video Surveillance System Building or Renovating? Make yours a Smart-Wired Wi-Fi enabled Home Sonos Installation and Troubleshooting Networking and Internet Solutions Internet Service Provider Perth :jk:     Tags: internet, phone, phones, sonos, troubleshooting, ubiquiti, unifi, unifi ap, UniFi Application Server, UniFi NVR, UniFi Video, unifi video camera, UniFi Video software, UniFi® Video Cameras G3, UVC-G3-AF, UVC-G3-Bullet, UVC-G3-DOME, UVC-G3-FLEX, UVC-G3-MICRO, UVC-G3-PRO, video, WAP, WAPs, western australia, wi-fi