We specialise in the complete removal of Computer Viruses, Malware, and other malicious and unwanted programs from your PC, Laptop or Macintosh

remove-computer-virusIs your computer acting strangely and has become unresponsive?

  • Are your friends getting spam from you?
  • Are strange “popup” windows appearing randomly?
  • Is your computer reporting programs or data no longer exists?
  • Have you stopped receiving windows updates?
  • Has your Anti-virus or Firewall switched itself off?
  • Is your computer very slow or not starting properly?


If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, chances are your PC, Laptop or Macintosh has probably become infected with a “Computer Virus” or “” (collectively known as ) and needs to be removed immediately.

Some viruses are merely annoying (popup windows and advertising) others may stop your machine from working properly such as connecting to the internet or slowing it down. Others can corrupt your data or encrypt your data and then hold you to ransom until you pay the creator a sum of money (this is known as “Ransomware“). However the most dangerous ones are those that simply hide undetected and send personal details such as your bank details and passwords to the criminals who developed them. These are known as “Trojans” after the Trojan horse employed by the Spartans in ancient times.


There are no quick-fixes when it comes to computer virus removal

There are many programs for download both FREE and PAID that claim to get rid of 100% of all know viruses. DO NOT BELIEVE THAT CLAIM . Most of them actually give you MORE viruses. The ONLY reputable Anti-virus makers are AVG, McAfee, Symantec, Norton’s, Avira, Trend, Kaspersky but none of these programs will remove a virus …… they merely detect a computer virus before they activate.

One of the few programs that does remove and Viruses is called MalwareBytes but even that will not remove 100% of all viruses but is excellent at removing and .

Do not believe Mobile Computer Technicians that visit you at your home and claim to remove viruses in an hour or two. You can do the same as them for FREE by downloading a FREE copy of Malwarebytes.

For a THOROUGH virus check and removal we need to have your computer for 4 to 24 hours and we will use two or three programs including a RESCUE DISK … that removes dangerous viruses such as Trojan’s by scanning every file on your PC using a non-windows operating system such as Ubuntu.

The IT Guys (WA) use a unique in-house 12 step process that as well as removing viruses, checks and updates browsers, operating systems, browser add-ons, browser toolbars, anti-virus programs, anti-spyware programs, -engines, non-essential programs, PUPs, Registry entries, Short-cuts and emails.

Only by using such techniques can we guarantee that 100% of computer viruses have been removed. This is why we need you to bring your PC, Macintosh or Laptop to our as the process cannot be done properly with a brief home-visit.

By bring your infected computer, PC or Laptop to our Subiaco repair center we will save you up to 50% compared to the average call-out mobile Geek Computer Technician who will charge a minimum of $150 and not do a thorough job.

Computer Viruses, or Trojans are created by criminals or anarchists with the intention of disrupting your activities or more seriously trying to steal your passwords, bank account details or identity.

Every PC or Laptop (not so much Apple products) needs to be protected by an Anti-virus program (Norton, McAfee, Symantec, AVG etc) and updated regularly to protect you from such attacks. However these programs cannot guarantee your safety 100% and if your system becomes infected, urgent steps need to be taken to fix the problem. If your Virus Checker is out of date it needs to be replaced or renewed to stop viruses returning to your computer.

If you suspect your PC has become infected with a virus, please contact us

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Call now for your FREE Advice and a quotation to remove the virus

Remember that prevention is always better than cure. We can advise you on easy, inexpensive ways of protecting your PC. Give us a call today for some free advice.

Thorough Virus removal can take between 4 to 24 hours to run the scans but we only charge 1 or 2 hours of a technicians time. 


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