There are many circulating pretending to be from PAYPAL here is one example

We show you how to spot the many fakes that are trying to send you to a site that is either going to steal your password or infect you with a computer virus



There are hundreds such emails pretending to be from PAYPAL or . If you have an account with either site you may be tempted to click on the links as it appears someone is trying to make a fraudulent purchase from that site.

But before you click, look a little closer.

Who is the email from?

….. not the name of the email account but the actual email domain? In the above example the email came from “” NOT “

What sites are the links trying to send me to?

Hover your over the links in the email….. are they sending you to a paypal site? If so the links would be going to a domain such as “” in the above example they are trying to send you to a domain called “

Here are some more hints and tips regarding Fraudulent Sites and Scams from PAYPAL themselves

How can I protect myself from PayPal fraud or scams?

Watch out for hoaxes, phishing and scams.
Examples of Suspected Fraud or Fake Emails

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