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We can recover most “deleted” or “inaccessible” data using our data recovery resources and we can make sure it never happens again

Computer Software ( etc) Operating Systems (OS) and Computer Hardware (PCs, Laptops, Macs, Printers, monitors etc) are easily replaced. Data is NOT.

We have all become far too reliant on storing our favorite music, photos, address books, emails, appointments, bank statements, accounts etc on electronic devices such as ’s Laptops, , () iPads and iPhones without ensuring we have an up-to-date copy or “backup” that we can turn to should something happen to those electronic devices.

If you accidentally delete something from your PC. Computer, Mac, or Mobile Device, the chances are that it has simply become inaccessible rather than lost and we will be able to and recover the data using our Data Recovery tools and techniques. If you lose a file, stop using the computer immediately and bring it into us. Continuing to use the computer puts recovering the deleted file in jeopardy.

If you have had a Computer Hardware failure and your PC or or HDD has failed (“crashed“) the problem maybe more severe but it may still be recoverable.

Often the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) will give early signs of failure before dying completely. The earlier you act once these sign occur, the higher the chance of NOT losing any data and it not costing too much to fix.

If you wait until there is a complete disk failure or you keep using your computer, then chances of recovery are much slimmer and the cost to attempt so will be much higher.

6 Tell-Tale-signs your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is failing and needs replacing ASAP


    • Slowing Down Computer, Frequent Freezes, Blue Screen Of Death
      These are very unspecific signs that can be caused by a million different things. However, regardless of what the issue behind these symptoms is, it is recommended that you immediately make a backup and get your Computer, PC or checked by The IT Guys (WA) or another suitable professional.


    • Your PC, Computer, or HDD starts to make strange grinding, clicking  and thrashing noises?
      That could mean your drive is beyond repair. If you’re hearing strange noises then act very quickly—you probably don’t have much time.


    • Corrupted Data
      You start to find files that fail to open and are corrupted even though they saved without errors or if files suddenly disappear.


    • Accumulation Of Bad Sectors
      Bad sectors are areas of the hard drive that do not maintain data integrity. They are automatically masked by the operating system and thus hard to identify, especially if large amounts of the disk are currently in use. If you actually run into bad sectors, however, that certainly is a bad sign


    • If your PC, Computer or HDD is older than 6 years… it is on its way out …read more
      Hard Disk Drives older than 6 years old have a 50% chance of imminent failure. Do you really want to risk it?

    • Tell-Tale Signs of Disk Failure
      On a Mac, if you see the following images on startup and they do not go away or complete, or you regularly see the “spinning wheel of death

spinning wheel of death






Cost of Data Recovery

It is impossible for us to give an accurate estimate as to the likelihood or cost of recovering lost or corrupt data without first examining the device, computer, hard drive or USB stick.

For that you will need to bring us the device and leave it with us for 24 to 48 hrs for us to test and assess the device. You also need to pay a non-refundable $78 fee when you leave it with us. If we cannot recover any data or it is a simple that will take us no more than 30 minutes, there is nothing more to pay. If we need to spend extra time to recover the data or replace a part, then we will call and ask your permission before continuing.

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