Datto ALTO 3 – Intelligent Business Continuity Solution for Small Business

FREE 2TB Backup Hardware Device with 2TB Cloud backup from only $119 per month* The Datto ALTO 3 delivers enterprise-gradeIntelligent Business Continuity (IBC) functionality at a small business price. See also: TRADITIONAL BACKUP VS. INTELLIGENT BUSINESS CONTINUITY Functionality included with monthly service: 2TB Local and Cloud Backup System licences for Windows, Mac […]

Has your Macbook got the latest updates? You maybe shocked!!!

You may think you have the latest updates on your Mac!! but do you? Even if updates have been downloaded, did they ever get installed? How do you find out what update you have on your Mac? click on “About This Mac” ….. In the above case the Version is 10.11.1 […]

Backing up iPhone or iPad using iCloud

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iMac, setting up iCloud is the easiest way to backup your device automatically over WiFi and every user gets a FREE 5GB of data storage with each account. According to our research over 70% of iPhone/iPad users have NEVER or RARELY backup their […]

How to use Microsoft’s default program to backup to an external device or hard drive

Using Microsoft Windows to Backup to an External Hard Drive Why reinvent the wheel or waste money on 3rd party backup software when Microsofts default backup program works well to an external hard drive. You can even backup the files stored on Google Drive, protecting your data twice, to be […]