It is vitally important to keep Apple’s Mac, iMac and Macbook Operating System (MacOS) and Apps updated to avoid security and compatibility issues with Apple Devices and Apple computers.

Updating the MacOS operating fixes many common issues on ’s, Macbooks and mini’s

Mac OS

Backup before Updating

Updates can corrupt your data so it is vital you backup your data before attempting any upgrade. See the following guides.

How to backup an iMac

How to backup a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

How to backup a Mac Mini

How to check for MacOS/OSx updates – using “About This Mac” or “System Preferences”

  1. About This

1. About This

The easiest one by far is by clicking on the black icon in the top left of any and then selecting “About This




This will take you to the “App Store” where available updates (if any) will be shown to you.

If updates are available, you should see an image similar to the following

iOS updates available


Or by going through “


And selecting “App Store


App Store – Checks for available Updates

If there are NO updates available, you will be greeted my a similar message as below:


If updates ARE AVAILABLE, you will encounter a message like the following, which may give you the choice of installing a major update such as , , or


Or you may be offered updates to individual programs such as or Mail or in this case “the Unarchiver


It is very important to keep Apple’s Operating System () and Apps updated to avoid security and compatibilities with iPhones and iPads.


If you need assistance in checking the above and performing the updates, give us a call on 08 6118 2601 and make an appointment to come and see us. Prices for our OS health-check and backup service for Apple devices starts at $78 for a 30 minute session.


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