How to restrict an iPhone to phone-only use

How to give an iPhone to a child and restrict it ONLY to be used as a Phone (Disable Texting, E-mail, Apps and Internet Access) Many parents want to keep in touch with their children when out of the house and are supplying them with smart-phones (iPhone, Android, Samsung) in […]

Protecting your iPhone/iPad from little fingers

If you have children (or grandchildren) that you occasionally let play educational apps/games on an iPhone or iPad, then there is a built-in setting to stop them accidentally (or purposely) getting out of that app/game and accessing other applications or data or accidentally wiping everything off the device. You can […]

Backing up iPhone or iPad using iCloud

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iMac, setting up iCloud is the easiest way to backup your device automatically over WiFi and every user gets a FREE 5GB of data storage with each account. According to our research over 70% of iPhone/iPad users have NEVER or RARELY backup their […]