Being an OPTUS mobile client we added an extra line to Optus some months ago…. big mistake. OPTUS maybe great as a mobile provider but pretty poor as an .

After weeks of trying to get it connected we managed only 3mbps and being less than 1k from the exchange and already getting 22 mbps on we complained and complained with no promised resolution.

After weeks of no response we finally spoke to an person (who was very nice and knowledgable) who informed me confidentially that OPTUS had ongoing “congestion” at the exchange and that there was no forecast resolution date and advised that we should switch to another . So we have also moved our second line to who appear to have plenty of free slots in their DSLAM at Subiaco exchange.

We recommend switching to AMNET for you Australian needs. You can download an application from at this link. UNLIMITED Naked ADSL connections for only $70 per month.



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