Fforgot_passwordor obvious security reasons does not make it easy to get around the password protection on a PC, Computer or Laptop.

Unfortunately if someone has maliciously changed your password or you’ve just had a seniors-moment and forgot it completely 7 does not give you a way of recovering or changing it.

We can help. As long as you can prove that the computer or laptop legitimately belongs to you, we can reset your passwords and give you once more.

It’s not an easy process and does require detailed knowledge at the command-line, so we are not going to offer a self- guide for this one.

If you’ve been locked out of your computer because you’ve forgotten your passwords or someone has changed them without your knowledge, Call us. We CAN help, guaranteed 100%

contact-usIf you don’t want or can’t fix the problem yourself, give us a call and we can fix it. Come to us in Subiaco or we can come to you.

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