can only offer businesses an absolute maximum of 100mbps download and 40 upload…and with most businesses still using the old copper lines (FTTN) that is more likely to be 25 mbps downloads depending on your distance from the node.

cannot offer Business Grade Internet Speeds – but guaranteed speeds over Fibre of up to 500mbps are available in most business districts.

Corporate Grade Internet delivered over is available in most districts and starting from $329 per month on a 36 month plan for 40 mbps upload and download and unlimited data.

Corporate grade internet plans are available for speeds such as 40/40, 100/100, 250/250 and 500/500

With more Australian businesses adopting services for Accounting (Xero, MYOB), File storage (OneDrive, Dropbox), Backups and Business critical applications, the need for high speed internet for business has never been greater. cannot deliver.

The National Broadband Network () has been touted as the key to making Australian businesses more competitive on the world stage. Originally the was planned to be Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), meaning the network would have used fibre optic cable from the exchange all the way to the premises, which would have delivered on the Labour Governments promises.

However, due to a change in government the has now become Fibre to the Node (FTTN), which uses an optic fibre link from the exchange to a local ‘node’, and then uses the original copper telephone wires between the node and the premises.

FTTP offered higher overall speeds, FTTN was cheaper, slower (max 100 mbps down and 40 up) but faster to deliver to homes and businesses but suffers the same problem as ADSL. Attenuation.

The average 2017 download speeds as reported by Speedtest are still only 24 mbps and of 8 mbps.

Basically, an sitting next to the node or the exchange will get a great speed, while businesses further away will experience this attenuation and slower speeds. See below for an indicative illustration of what attenuation looks like.

The greater the distance from the node, the slower the maximum speed achievable.

For businesses upload speeds are as important as download speeds, maybe even more so as large amounts of data needs to be copied or backed up to the in real-time or over night to avert data corruption, viruses and Ransomware attacks.

NBN offers only a maximum upload speed of 40 mbps (or more realistically 30 mbps) with as little as 2-4 mbps during evening peak periods.

NBN cannot offer Business Grade Internet Speeds – but they are available.

Corporate Grade Internet delivered over fibre is available in most business districts and starting from $329 per month on a 36 month plan for 40 mbps upload and download and unlimited data.

Corporate grade internet plans are available for speeds such as 40/40, 100/100, 250/250 and 500/500

If considering a fibre upgrade, also consider upgrading your telephone system to , a hosted and IP handsets.

In the last few years, Trunks have superseded the traditional technologies that connect businesses to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). SIP Trunks are IP-based connections allowing you to make calls from existing PBX handsets and softphones to the PSTN and other IP enabled SIP services.

The key advantage that SIP Trunks provide over traditional technologies is that they utilise your data network to deliver you superior capability, while costing you less than restrictive ISDN services. Compared to traditional ISDN connections, SIP Trunks can be provisioned very quickly with additional call capacity, as your business grows.

With SIP Trunks, it’s easy to quickly connect your existing ISDN or IP-based PBX for advanced features and great savings.

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