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In Partnership with Perth ISP “Pentanet” and leading wi-fi equipment provider (Ubiquiti Networks) we provide Perth's fastest Internet /Wi-Fi bundle including FREE installation and setup*

Pentanet offer NBN and Fixed-Wireless Services at comparable rates to , Optus & iiNet but with the support of a local call-centre and operations based in Balcatta, Western .

The IT Guys (WA) offer the following NBN/Fixed Wireless Internet bundle with Pentanet providing the ISP Services and The IT Guys (WA) supplying the Ubiquiti Amplifi Mesh Router and FREE installation (within the Perth metro area)

amplifi part of perths fastest internet

NBN Internet

NBN Internet, 24 month contract, 100/40 Unlimited (Premier NBN tier 100) for $99/month ongoing

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NBN (FTTN, FTTP, HFC, FTTB, FTTC) should generally provide the fastest Internet Speeds and we can simply connect to the existing NBN connection and still provide you with the fastest internet possible.

However, in areas that are not yet NBN ready or have issues with old Telstra copper lines, these issues can be circumvented by connecting to Pentanets Fixed Wireless Network which involves having a Pentanet technician install a small dish on your roof (usually free of charge on 24/36 month plans)

Fixed Wireless Internet


Fixed Wireless Internet, 36 month contract, Unlimited Data

120/10 – $109 per month
120/20 – $119 per month
120/30 – $129 per month

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If your home or business is covered by the orange shading (see picture below), you can probably get ! If you're also covered by a black circle, you're in luck – PentaMAX millimeter wave service may also be an option for you.

pentanet perths fastest internet fixed wireless coverage

Using mmWave technology, PentaMAX delivers a blazingly fast symmetrical connection with lower latency and consistent to provide the fastest internet available over fixed wireless

pentamax Pentamax 1g 1g

PentaMax offers reliable speeds for home or business of up to 1,000 mbps upload and 1,000 mbps download

Don't forget that Pentanet fixed wireless relies on a line of sight to their towers. Sometimes, trees, buildings and other objects can obstruct this line of sight, so  we will make sure you check your address to find out exactly what's available.


Extending your Wi-Fi Network

The Amplifi HD Modem routers provide a Wi-Fi signal 300% to 400% stronger than supplied modems (Telstra, iiNet etc) which should extend to approx 10,000 Sq Ft. However, this reduces quickly depending on the number and construction of walls and ceilings.

wifi signal loss over distance

Using multiple Amplifi units in various parts of a building pickup and boost the Wi-Fi signal over a single mesh-network. Although only a single unit is provided with the installation, our technicians carry spare units in case more are required to extend the network into other areas of the building.


To enquire about this offer please contact IT Guys (WA) by emailing with your residential or business address (no telephone calls please)

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One of our consultants will investigate your address and then contact you with a confirmation regarding the availability of Pentanet NBN or Pentanet Fixed Wireless services at your address, how to purchase the Ubiquiti Amplifi Units and if sucessful, how to arrange installation.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q – If I move Internet Providers can I keep my @bigpond, @iinet, @ account?

Yes by all means, if you have any sort of account with Telstra (ie Mobile Phone) you will always retain a @bigpond email address. Failing that you can purchase an email only account from Telstra and retain the @bigpond email account for approx $20 per year. Same goes for @iinet, @westnet @tpg … (we know of people who cancelled their accounts with iinet many years ago but the email address continues to work)

Q – Can I still use a VOIP phone or landline through a Pentanet NBN or Fixed Wireless connection?

A – If you have an 08 XXXX XXXX number then it would need to be be ported to another provider as Pentanet do not bundle internet and telephone together. The IT Guys (WA) can provide VOIP telephone services and VOIP handsets with plans starting at $29.95 per month featuring

  • No Lock In Contract
  • INCLUDED calls to Local/STD
  • INCLUDED calls to AU mobiles
  • INCLUDED calls to 13/1300 Numbers
  • INCLUDED 1 AU number
  • INCLUDED Hosted PBX platform
  • Connect 1 phone
  • Up to 1 concurrent call
  • Plans available for up to 6 handsets and 6 lines. Please contact us for a quote

Q – Will switching to Pentanet mean my Wi-Fi devices, , Tv's, Security Cameras will stop working?

A – When installing any new modem your wireless (Wi-fi) devices will need to be reconfigured to find the ip address of the new modem. It is an easy task. Our technician can help out for one device but if there are many to be reconfigured and tested we will charge an additional :15mos: per 15 minutes onsite.

For more Pentanet Q&A Questions and Answers, click here

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*free installation offer is only available if you order the Amplifi unit and Pentanet service for a 24 or 36 month contract through The IT Guys (WA) instead  of directly through Pentanet.