Remote Support Assistance (Remote Support)

Not all IT and Computer need to be fixed at your / or at our workshop. Many problems can be fixed by . If not they may need an onsite support call.

Our computer technicians can help with remote support for selected clients with prearranged agreements or by ad-hoc clients paying over the by credit card.

Remote Control Session are chargeable in 15 minute increments at:

:15m: (M-F, 8am to 5pm GMT+8) per 15 mins

:15mo: (M-F, 5pm to 10pm GMT+8)) per 15 mins.

Joining a Remote Session

Windows Repairs Remote Support

Windows 10

Use the built in “Quick Assist” built into 10

Type “Quick Assist” in the bar (bottom left of screen) or right click on the windows icon, choose “run” and then enter “quickassist”

When the following window appears



Now contact us and by email on or call :phone: and ask the to provide the Quick Support code. One you enter the code that will allow us to take control of your windows 10 computer

Windows 7

For 7 Computers click here… and Request a Support Session

request support

By entering your email address and clicking on “Start New Session”

Download the remote viewing software and run it,

Once installed,  email us on or call :phone: and ask the technician to connect

Apple Computers


apple mac repairs remote support
For click here  which will start a download of the Teamviewer application. Teamviewer will be downloaded which you need to run and trust the installer.

Once installed, Teamviewer will give you an ID and a password. email or call us with those details so we can commence the session. Contact us on or call :phone:

If you still need an onsite support visit, please click here, for details of our Onsite Support Service