SharePoint Email Scam

Not content with Crypto Locking files on your computer, scammers are now targeting your Microsoft Account, e-mails and cloud content with the following scam

Have you recently seen an email similar to the following?

We’ve recently received emails from hacked email accounts which try to fool users into logging into their Microsoft Account and steal your Microsoft login and Password. This is known as “Phishing

Because the email link looks like the file location of a genuine SharePoint file, hovering your mouse over the link reveals a very different location

Even the fake landing page was made to look like a genuine Microsoft login Page

The dummy site is attempting to capture your Microsoft login email and Password, so the hacker can hack into your Microsoft Account, Email and Online Files

You will never get beyond the above page, but by now the hacker knows your genuine login and password and unless you have Multi-Factor-Authentication (aka 2FA) enabled, they can login, steal your data, send spam using your email account and even lock you out of your account.

If you have seen pages similar to the above that would not let you login, then you may have already been hacked.

Login to the genuine Microsoft Site (see below) change your Password Immediately and switch on Multi-Factor-Authentication (or have your administrator do so for you)

Login to your genuine Microsoft Account at this address:

goto “My Account” > “Security & Privacy” > “Password

and change your password immediately.

also click on “My Account” > “Security & Privacy” > “Additional security verification

And switch on Multi-Factor-Authentication using a Security-App or by associating a phone number to your account.

Need more help?

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Alternatively click on the Green “Support” button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and leave a message.

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